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At NRM GROUP apart from supplying our existing wide range of products, clients from across the globe can also avail customized products from us. Our expertise in manufacturing in china meets the expectation of our clients, which has helped us to expand our business worldwide.

Customization of products can be related to various factors such as:

Based on the samples products or simply the photograph or drawing of the products NRM is known among its customers to manufacture the exact replica of the products as desired by them .our company has managed to take a lead in the market   Read More...


About NRM


Noche Rias Mond  Pvt. Ltd (NRM) established in 2013 is a sister concern of J N Exports which was established in 1994 in Hong Kong. Since its inception it has grown in stature and recognition as an international supplier of various products including electronic components, kitchen appliances, home appliances, led lightings, industrial and commercial batteries, emergency lights, mobile phones, gaming consoles, cameras etc. In addition to this the company also has a global reach in supplying fabrics, shoes, furniture and plastics (raw material).Read More..