Noche Rias Mond  Pvt. Ltd (NRM) established in 2013 is a sister concern of J N Exports which was established in 1994 in Hong Kong. Since its inception it has grown in stature and recognition as an international supplier of various products including electronic components, kitchen appliances, home appliances, led lightings, industrial and commercial batteries, emergency lights, mobile phones, gaming consoles, cameras etc. In addition to this the company also has a global reach in supplying fabrics, shoes, furniture and plastics (raw material).

NRM provides its customers with sales, marketing, distribution, solution implementation and technical support services. With an efficient and well qualified sourcing team, widely spread distribution network, and trustworthy collaboration of partners and customers our company is on its way to becoming a global leader. We pride ourselves in providing hassle free service, responsible approach to business with a wide range of well managed products at affordable prices.

Attention to detail, customer service and delivering on our promises are core principles and values which have evidently helped us to build strong relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Along with imports and exports to various countries including South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Indonesia, Dubai, Japan, China and the United States, the company aims to spread its global footprint further and build strong relationships with utmost sincerity and commitment.



We find satisfaction and honor in being best-in-class, and in recognizing that the success of our company ultimately depends on the success of our customers, our business partners, and our employees.

We work together to produce a superior product with superior service maximising mutual growth of our customers and our company. All employees have both, the right and responsibility to ensure quality products and service.

We believe innovation starts with our ultimate consumer. We gain insights into their everyday lives so we can combine “what’s needed” with “what’s possible.” Our goal is to offer them product options at all pricing tiers to drive preference for our brands and provide meaningful value. Our highly skilled professionals are committed to creating world-class quality products for all our clients.

We take our vision at NRM seriously. It is our opportunity and responsibility to improve the lives of our consumers and employees as well as serve the communities in which we live and work.



Our unique leadership development approach is distinctly NRM. It sets a clear, rigorous course for growing leadership in every business and region, and at every level. As a result, our leadership team reflects a group of diverse individuals with experience across the breadth and depth of the company.

One name that clearly stands out at NRM is Mr. M.C Baid , a man rooted in tradition but modern in his approach. At the time of his academic pursuits, he conceptualized the idea of global business .The clever businessman he was at that young age; he understood the importance and power of global sourcing for medium importers, and soon he started trading offices in Hong Kong , China ,India ,Dubai. He is the driving force behind the company and emphasizes on quality and pride in workmanship. His principle of treating employees with respect has been a key success factor in the history of NRM GROUP.

Mr.SHIVANG BAID started his career as the Head of Marketing & Finance Departments of NRM. Under the able guidance of his father and founder of the Company Mr. M.C BAID, Shivang grew to become the Director of the company. He was instrumental in launching the company’s modernization and flagship brands all over the world . He injected a new mantra into employees to develop their talent to the fullest.

Our Brands

Urzza prides itself in delivering excellent customer care and support. We recognize that our customers are our foremost priority and customer satisfaction our utmost goal. We promise to provide what the customer is looking for, but don’t believe in limiting our services to that and ensure to enhance their satisfaction by providing extra value in every way to support, enhance and help advance our customers.

We not only promise superior quality, competitive prices and remarkable delivery, but also extreme peaceof mind working and coordinating with our customer care team who have been thoroughly trained andrecruited with special attention, ensuring valuable insight, enterprising communication and a customeroriented mindset.

Our customers are our biggest assets and we make every effort to augment relations to ensure longevity,understanding and satisfaction.

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The company’s most recent activity is the launch of own brand christened as vyra which is a quality brand manufactured under its direct supervision and quality control.

With a history of over 2 decades of business behind it we developed  a premium brand  vyra exclusively for  Europe &  vyra  will  be a house hold name in the field home appliance in the first  years of its launch.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Business

We at NRM have been a purpose-driven company since inception and investing in sustainable business is our top priority.
We believe that business must be part of the solution. Sustainable, equitable growth is the only acceptable business model. Our strategic vision is to double the size of our business while reducing our environmental footprint, and increasing our positive social impact.
We will achieve our vision through our Plan, which is helping us to decouple our growth from our environmental impact while increasing our positive social impact, driving profitable growth for our brands, saving costs and fueling innovation.

Business Partners